Terms of Service

Venova's transfer is a company of ARTMODERN ULUSLARARASI ÖZEL SAĞ.HİZ.TUR.VE TİC LTD.ŞTİ and is registered under the following tax number V.D 0850395409. At the same time it is registered with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism under the entries TURSAB (A-10960) and the Ministry of Transport.
You can reach Venova's transfer number 0090 242 324 39 39 and 0090 553 292 25 55 or in writing by e-mail at [email protected].
By registering on our website and booking our services, you agree to all agreements. Venovas Transfer.com reserves the right to change the terms of the contract if necessary. If you have further questions about our terms, please contact our customer service in writing or by phone.
1) venovastransfer.com website is available in Turkish, Russian and German. If there are any errors or misunderstandings on our pages, the website should be considered as a reference in Turkish.
1) venovastransfer.com is the intermediary between the seller and buyer, regardless of whether individual and groups render the service between the seller and the buyer. (Contract)
2) By paying for the service on our website, the transporter undertakes to carry out his services.
3) The buyer (the person who completes the order via the website) and the seller (the company that performs the service) conclude a contract with each other by mutual agreement. If any discrepancies arise between the two parties, venovastransfer.com is not responsible.
4) Upon conclusion of the contract, the buyer agrees to have been previously informed about the terms of the contract and the selling price and method of payment.
5) If the seller is unable to carry out the service due to force majeure or can only do so belatedly, or in the event of an accident, injury or illness, and the buyer causes damage, venovastransfer.com shall not be held liable for it 6) Should the seller be unable to perform due to unpredictable reasons, the buyer has the right to cancel his booking. The seller must refund the paid amount within 10 days to the buyer, in the same way as the contract was used.
7) Venovastransfer.com reserves the right, if necessary, to have the services performed by third parties.
Duration of service delivery
1) venovastransfer.com sells transport and transfer services.
2) If there are problems with the credit card during payment (even if the buyer is not at fault here), the buyer agrees to transfer the payment amount to venovastransfer.com within 3 days.
3) The venovastransfer.com voucher is to be brought along when picked up by the service provider at the airport. Furthermore, the buyer is responsible for controlling information about the transfer and for any errors that can be corrected immediately. The buyer determines the time of pickup for the transfer from the hotel to the airport and must also estimate how long before the departure should take place.
4) We ask our customers to read these terms and conditions carefully.
Payment obligations
Venovastransfer.com takes all necessary precautions (such as SSL security certificates) to offer a high standard of security when paying by credit card. If your credit card is stolen in spite of your credit card details, virus, or pop-up, your credit card will be unjustly charged, venovastransfer.com will not be responsible.
Cancellations - Changes
All changes and cancellations of your orders must be sent by e-mail or fax to venovastransfer.com. If canceled 48 hours before the first transfer, the buyer will receive the full retail price. If the cancellation of the contract of sale is between 48 and 24 hours before the first transfer, 50% of the sales price will be refunded. If less than 24 hours before the first transfer, the purchase price can not be refunded. For any changes or cancellations please contact our customer service.
All changes must be communicated by e-mail to [email protected]. All time changes (date, pick-up time) up to 24 hours before the agreed pick-up time are free of charge. If less than 24 hours are left until the agreed time, additional fees will be charged.
a. venovastransfer.com serves only as a transmitter for sales of transport services, so we are not responsible for any complaints that arise through the carrier.
b. venovastransfer.com assumes no liability for the following items: lost items, additional fees, delays, accidents, injuries, missing a flight, hospital costs, accommodation costs, additional costs for re-routing. In such a case, this matter between the buyer and seller or between their insurance must be clarified. Also the employees, managing directors and representatives of venovastransfer.com assume no liability for such cases.
c. The buyer determines during the booking: Pickup time (this should be set for at least one hour for flights within Turkey, for flights from abroad with at least two hours before the start), pickup location and assessment of the transfer duration. The buyer is responsible for this information. Should there be any delays and should additional fees arise as a result, the buyer can not claim damages.
d. The service provider will do everything possible to appear at the pickup time at the agreed time. But this can never be guaranteed. The resulting additional costs for the buyer can not be accepted.
e. When picking up from the airport, the extra waiting time of 45 minutes for domestic flights and 60 minutes for international flights is limited. When picking up from the hotel or from a specified address, the additional waiting time at the scheduled pick-up time is 15 minutes. After these times, the buyer can no longer assert any rights and receives no refund of the paid service.
f. The information about the time of pickup is given by the buyer and is thus responsible for any delay or missed flight.
G. If it should come due to the fault of the buyer that the hotel address is late or not found, the service provider is not responsible. The buyer gives the information by hand when placing an order and therefore can not assert any damages afterwards.
H. The service provider indicates with which vehicle type the transport is carried out. However, this species can never be guaranteed. The service provider reserves the right to change the vehicle type at any time.
i. When picking up from the airport, the service provider is responsible for informing about flight delays. However, if there are delays of more than 3 hours, the buyer must contact venovastransfer.com. In such a case additional fees may apply. If the buyer does not agree, the service will not be performed.
j. On the return journey (transport from the hotel or from an address to the airport) the buyer will be waited an additional 15 minutes longer at the agreed time and place. If the buyer does not appear, he loses his right to complete the service. Furthermore, in such a case, the buyer is responsible for being reached by our customer service (e.g., mobile phone).
The service provider is responsible for ensuring that the vehicles used for transport are approved motor vehicles.
Changes to the agreement and the website
1) venovastransfer.com reserves the right to change the GTC`s (General Terms and Conditions) as well as the prices on the website at any time. The buyer does not have to be informed separately about such changes and recognizes them automatically.
2) venovastransfer.com assumes no liability for breaches of the GTC`s, wrongful acts, errors, negligence, deleted or lost data, late processing or contact, computer virus, connection problems, theft, unauthorized access to our data, unauthorized Changes or use of our data.
3) venovastransfer.com undertakes not to act contrary to these terms and conditions. The buyer is obligated to accept these terms and conditions by visiting the website and also by purchasing a service. The registered office of the company, ARTMODERN ULUSLARARASI ÖZEL SAĞ.HİZ.TUR.VE TİC LTD.ŞTİ, is also the place of jurisdiction.
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